By Faron Manuel

The commemorative LiNK project provides viewers with new ways of experiencing collection-based scholarship through interactive web pages. These writings, authored by students from the Mellon Object-Centered Curatorial Research Fellowship program, are the result of a successful collaboration with Emory University and the High Museum of Art’s commitment to the Mellon Object-Centered Curatorial Research Fellowship program.

Since 2011, the High Museum has hosted graduate scholars from Emory’s art history doctoral program as they conduct in-depth research on objects in the museum’s collection. Research methods included mining notable archives, following an artist’s physical journey, and collaborating with curators, scholars, and conservators from partnering institutions. Students’ explorations of works in alignment with their broader scholarly pursuits culminated in essays that not only analyze and illuminate physical objects but also inspire further inquiry.

Originally, these Mellon research fellowship papers were published in an anthology titled Collections, Conversation, and Collaboration. The new LiNK format features these earlier writings plus additional ones from more recent years. This reimagined digital anthology provides new insights and expanded knowledge about collection objects. Visitors to the website can now experience artworks through high-resolution images, three-dimensional modules, and 360° panoramic views that can be used for study.

We would like to thank the Mellon Foundation for its generous support of the program, which has produced scholarship highlighting works from five curatorial departments. Additionally, we would like to thank our MOCR Fellows for their dedication to the pursuit of art historical knowledge, elevating our understanding of incredible works of art we strive to share with audiences every day. We also are grateful to the dedicated faculty in Emory’s art history department and the Carlos Conservation Lab for their collegial partnership over the course of a decade. These partnerships have contributed to valuable conservation and display efforts that will preserve the integrity and relevance of the museum’s collections.